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2019 Integrated Annual Report


Innovating and making
responsible products responsibly.

Incremental Sales
From Product
Product Portfolio
With Sustainability
Improvements1 A
By 2020

A Reviewed by Ernst & Young LLP. Please refer to the Review Report.


  1. For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2019. All sustainability metrics represent cumulative progress against CY 2011 baseline, with percentage based on fiscal year net sales. There are four types of sustainability improvement criteria that can be met either by fully meeting one or partially meeting two or more: 1) a 5% or greater reduction in product or packaging materials on a per-consumer-use basis; 2) an environmentally beneficial change to 10% or more of packaging or active ingredients on a per-consumer-use basis; 3) a 10% reduction in required usage of water or energy by consumer; or 4) an environmentally beneficial sourcing change to 20% or more of active ingredients or packaging on a per-consumer-use basis.