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2019 Integrated Annual Report

FY19 scorecard

Sales by Segment
& Category1,2

19% HomeCare
(Clorox, Pine-Sol, Tilex, Formula 409, Liquid-Plumr)
9% Laundry
(Clorox, Clorox 2)
6% Professional Products
(Clorox Healthcare, CloroxPro)
34% Cleaning
13% Bags, Wraps, Containers
8% Charcoal
(Kingsford, Match Light)
7% Cat litter
(Fresh Step, Scoop Away)
2% Digestive Health
30% Household
9% Food Products
(Hidden Valley, Soy Vay, KC Masterpiece)
5% Natural Personal Care
(Burt’s Bees)
3% Water Filtration
3% Dietary supplements
(Rainbow Light, Natural Vitality, NeoCell)
20% Lifestyle
  • Latin America
  • Canada
  • Asia
  • Middle East/
    North Africa
  • Europe/Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Australia/
    New Zealand
16% International

1 All brands are registered trademarks of The Clorox Company.

2 All percentages represent rounded numbers.

Net Sales
the world

Our Global Footprint

Global Headquarters: United States. Plants: United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, China, Philippines. Administrative/Sales Offices: United States, Canada, Mexico, Dominican  Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, United Kingdom, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand. Joint Ventures: Kenya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Korea. R&D Facilities: United States, Argentina.