This is such an important time to be CEO of The Clorox Company. It is the challenge and opportunity of a lifetime. And it is an honor to take over from Benno Dorer and work to fulfill the legacy of great Clorox CEOs.

We are facing an incredibly difficult moment in the U.S. and around the world. We know that people are counting on all of our products, and particularly our disinfectants. My No. 1 priority this year is to get more of our disinfecting products into homes and healthcare facilities so we can help people through this health crisis and beyond it. As a health and wellness company, we take this responsibility very seriously.

Our IGNITE strategy helped drive our agility during COVID-19 and will set us up for success in the future. I have three priorities moving forward:

1) Maximizing the Supply of Our Disinfecting Products to ensure that all people have access to them. We don’t know what turns this pandemic will take or what lies in the distance, but I have a singular focus on applying all resources necessary to bring our products to people and communities.

2) Living Our Values by continuing to put people at the center of everything we do. We will lean into this through the culture we create with our own employee base. We recognize the importance of building an even more diverse and inclusive workforce. And that diverse thinking will influence our external actions.

3) Accelerating Our Impact in the world as a company. We will be on “100% offense” to make that happen. We recognize the magnitude of the moment and will leverage our brands and corporate resources to help people adjust to the rapidly changing and challenged world around them. That is Good Growth at its core. Our IGNITE strategy will drive innovation by employing superior insights about rising consumer expectations and deploying rapidly advancing technology to earn long-term loyalty among our stakeholders. And our ESG commitments will guide how we show up for people and society.

None of this can be accomplished without the remarkable team we have at Clorox. All of us are committed to making a difference for people every day with our brands, support of our communities and mission of Good Growth.

Linda Rendle
Incoming Chief Executive Officer