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2019 Integrated Annual Report

Infuse our brands with bold ideas

A giant inflatable salad dressing bottle in your front yard? A fountain flowing with ranch dressing at your next dinner party? Decked out head to toe in attire adorned with a pattern of Hidden Valley® Ranch bottles? These might sound a little crazy unless you’re one of many Hidden Valley Ranch consumers who love — or really love — to show their loyalty to their favorite brand. Building these strong relationships with consumers is at the heart of what Clorox people do. And the starting line is defined by their bold thinking. The more imaginative our people are, the better to drive the kind of powerful innovation required to ensure our leading brands stay ahead.

Dream up the next big thing

Business as usual is often not the key to success. When we began imagining cleaners differentiated by scent, we knew a different R&D approach was required. That led us to those who know scent best: the world’s top fragrance houses. These experts helped us identify trends across the personal care, fine fragrance and air care categories and then translate them into cleaners with a premium fragrance palette — think Tuscan Lavender & Jasmine, Pacific Breeze & Coconut and Fresh Brazilian Blossom. The result? A wildly different approach that has led to a wildly successful new product platform.

Forge a brighter future for people and our planet

Less equals more. That’s the big thought behind Glad® brand’s revolutionary technology that is making stronger kitchen trash bags with less plastic. To do so, we’ve had to reimagine both product construction, such as using a higher-quality resin, and the manufacturing process. The upshot is the same great-performing trash bag for our consumers with a reduced environmental impact for our planet — saving about 20 million pounds of plastic annually, the equivalent of over 920 million single-use plastic water bottles. Imagine a better world? We do it every day.

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