Engage Our People

Business Highlights

Engage our people as business owners.

  • Our annual employee engagement survey showed an 88 percent employee engagement rate, far surpassing the norm for competitors in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods sector (81 percent) and also exceeding the norm for Global High-Performance companies (86 percent).
  • We invested in a cross-functional training program for general managers, building skills and business acumen across this critical talent segment.
  • Our newly launched Global Mentoring Program established nearly 500 mentoring relationships, empowering our employees to develop leadership skills, build relationships and identify growth opportunities.
  • As part of our strategy to evolve our growth culture, we rolled out a companywide initiative, “Be BOLD,” to transform how we generate new ideas, pursue product innovation, and drive value for consumers and shareholders.
  • Innovent 2.0 – the latest iteration of our longstanding internal crowd-sourcing innovation competition – generated a record number of ideas from employees around the globe, in all eight of our functions, who responded to specific challenges identified by our businesses.
(Up $3.7 million
from FY17)

Corporate Responsibility Highlights

Promote diversity, opportunity and respectful treatment for all people who touch our business.

  • We accelerated our inclusion and diversity efforts to align with the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion by focusing on three components: 1) implementing new unconscious bias education and expanding it; 2) continuing to cultivate workplaces that support open dialogue on complex conversations about diversity and inclusion; and 3) sharing best practices with our peers.
  • We launched a training program on unconscious bias for people managers that was subsequently cascaded throughout the organization. The program aims to lessen the influence of unconscious bias, which can limit our ability to consider all perspectives and prevent us from achieving the best possible outcome. The program is intended to help create a more inclusive workplace that supports our continued growth.
  • Twenty-five teams in our Product Supply Organization instituted a “Plus One” initiative, in which individuals with different thinking styles, experience or perspectives are added to teams. The Plus One initiative not only provided more insights to these teams but also helped enhance participants’ personal development. Other functions have begun to adopt the concept as well.
  • Our African-American employee resource group created a business insights committee to proactively educate our employees and creative agencies about multicultural points of view. The committee has provided insights, feedback and ideas to improve the relevancy of our brands with African-American consumers as well as to protect and grow our standing within this community.
  • With safety integrated into our day-to-day operations, the company has consistently achieved world-class recordable incident rates. Especially notable are our Brampton, Ontario, plant in Canada and our Conghua plant in China, which achieved major milestones by reaching seven and 10 years, respectively, without any recordable incidents.
  • The company spent nearly $144 million with diverse suppliers during the fiscal year. We increased our direct supplier spend by approximately $3.7 million from fiscal year 2017, and we continue to increase our procurement from national diverse suppliers. Diverse suppliers include minority-, women-, service-disabled- and veteran-owned business enterprises, as well as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender business owners in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

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Diversity Representation
Continues Upward Trend

Inclusion and diversity are strategic priorities, and we continue to make progress in our goal of having more diverse representation in our board and executive leadership as well as within our overall workforce. Minority and female representation on our board has consistently exceeded that of our peers in the Fortune 500. Women continue to assume senior leadership roles, now making up one-third of our Executive Committee, compared with 20 percent four years ago. During the same time frame, representation of U.S. minority nonproduction employees and managers has risen to be at or near industry averages.

Safety is integrated into our day-to-day business operations. While our recordable incident rate increased to 0.82 from 0.60 a year ago, since the beginning of our goal period, it has been consistently less than 1.0, a benchmark we consider to be world-class, and well below industry averages of 3.5.

For us, employee well-being starts with promoting a sense of belonging, ensuring different perspectives are represented and maintaining a safe work environment. These are the cornerstones of an engaged workforce that’s focused on growing our business profitably, sustainably and responsibly.