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2019 Integrated Annual Report
4 strategy leaves

Business Highlights

Fund growth by reducing waste in our work,
products and supply chain.

6 Plants
piloting smart
glasses to communicate
in real time

2020 Strategy Recap

  • We drove significant productivity gains generating nearly $700 million in total cost savings and providing the fuel needed to grow our brands:
  • Investments in a new manufacturing process for our Glad trash bags that addresses an unmet consumer need of leak, rip and odor protection using less resin.
  • Changes to both the formula and manufacturing process for Kingsford charcoal.
  • Redesign of our larger-size cat litter cartons to eliminate excess packaging that consumers do not value while making it easier to handle.
  • Improvements to our namesake bleach with polyelectrolyte complexes, or PECs, technology, making it easier to clean hard surfaces and improve the whitening performance in laundry.
of new products
launched in 14
months or less
hours of work
eliminated annually
  • We decreased production and streamlined activities in our business planning process, resulting in a 40% reduction in time spent.
  • We reduced the time required to set up new products and packages in our systems by over 50%, allowing us to respond faster to changing market conditions.