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6 For the calendar year ended Dec. 31, 2015. All sustainability metrics represent cumulative progress against CY 2011 baseline, with percentage based on net fiscal year customer sales. There are four types of sustainability improvement criteria that can be met either by fully meeting one or by partially meeting two or more: 1) a 5 percent or more reduction in product or packaging materials on a per-consumer-use basis; 2) an environmentally beneficial change to 10 percent or more of packaging or active ingredients on a per-consumer-use basis; 3) a 10 percent reduction in required usage of water or energy by consumer; or 4) an environmentally beneficial sourcing change to 20 percent or more of active ingredients or packaging on a per-consumer-use basis. When projects meet these criteria, they are reported to the Clorox Eco Team by each business unit.

7 In CY 2015, the definition was modified to allow for combinations of product and packaging improvements within a single criterion or across all criteria in cases where there are multiple improvements but no single one meets the minimum threshold. In those cases, we add the percentages of each criterion improvement to ensure that together they reach 100 percent. While the adjusted criteria have been retroactively applied back to 2012, no such combinations have been counted toward cumulative progress reported through CY 2015.

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