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2019 Integrated Annual Report

Executive Committee

The company benefited from fresh perspectives brought by new leaders elevated to the Clorox Executive Committee and from existing CEC members asked to fill different roles, all promoted from within thanks to strong leadership development and succession planning.

During the 2019 fiscal year, we named new members for: Information Technology, Jay McNulty; for Marketing, Stacey Grier; and for Sales, Troy Datcher. Early in the 2020 fiscal year, Linda Rendle assumed responsibility for the Cleaning and International divisions as well as corporate strategy and the five core global functions of Marketing, Sales, Product Supply, Research & Development and Information Technology. Eric Reynolds assumed responsibility for the Household and Lifestyle divisions and will serve as executive sponsor of environmental sustainability to facilitate integration with our businesses.

As a result, there were slight changes in the overall makeup of the senior leadership team. As of June 30, 2019, women made up 33% of the CEC, overseeing our largest segment, overall strategy and core global functions as well as serving in the key roles of general counsel, chief people officer, chief innovation officer and chief marketing officer. Three of the five executive vice presidents, or 60%, are women.

Standing from left to right:

1 – Diego Barral
Senior Vice President and General Manager — International Division
2 – Bill Bailey
Senior Vice President — Corporate and Business Development
3 – Laura Stein
Executive Vice President — General Counsel and Corporate Affairs
4 – Linda Rendle
Executive Vice President — Cleaning, International, Strategy and Operations
5 – Benno Dorer
Chair and Chief Executive Officer
6 – Jay McNulty
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
7 – Stacey Grier
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
8 – Michael Costello
Senior Vice President and General Manager — Nutranext and RenewLife
9 – Eric Reynolds
Executive Vice President — Household and Lifestyle
10 – Denise Garner
Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer

Seated from left to right:

11 – Troy Datcher
Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer
12 – Kevin Jacobsen
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
13 – Kirsten Marriner
Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer
14 – Andy Mowery
Senior Vice President and Chief Product Supply Officer

Note: In August 2019, one of Clorox's CEC members left the company, which caused an increase in the percentage of females within the Executive Committee from 33% to 36%.