2017 Integrated Annual Report



A little more than 100 years ago, The Clorox Company was founded with liquid bleach as our flagship product used by industrial customers for stain removal, cleaning and disinfecting. Since then, Clorox® bleach has continued to play an important role in public health, killing germs that make people sick — from the 2 million healthcare-associated infections each year in the U.S. to the 3 million to 5 million annual cases of severe influenza around the world to the Ebola virus in Africa.

Today, our global brand portfolio has expanded, and our commitment to health and wellness has grown along with it. We see the world through a health and wellness lens, whether it's our products themselves or the way we communicate about their benefits. They are vehicles to help consumers live healthier lifestyles, fulfilling our mission of making everyday life better, every day. Watch Our Video.

Our health and wellness products address what we ingest (“in me”), encouraging healthier food and beverage consumption; what we put on our skin (“on me”), enhancing skin care through products with natural ingredients; and what we use in our environment (“around me”), with cleaning and disinfecting products for homes, businesses and
healthcare settings.